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McAfee Account Manager of The Year The First Time

Dennis R. Lindsey


Certified Advanced Transformative Coach

Licensed NLP Master Practitioner


Clinical Hypnotherapist

Psycho Therapist

Intuitive and Healer


We work with businesses and individuals from around the world, to help them, begin to tap into and ignite their true potential, and to experience outstanding and wonderful lives.

In each engagement I have seen revenue and profits grow, but more importantly people continue to remark about how much happier they are at work.

Does Success Bring Happiness or Happiness Bring Success? One is short Lived the Other Becomes a Great Way To Live.


I also volunteer my time as a Special Mentor, and a Progression Mentor for the Prince's Trust.

My Previous Life in Business

I have been a successful sales person for over 20 years. In that time I have had great years, and challenging years, and have experimented and refined many systems for motivating and guidance, through the annual battle from zero to hero. To my credit and Gods grace, I have earned 14 Presidents Club trip awards and been the top salesperson in organisations such as McDonnell Douglas and McAfee/Intel


The Picture to the left is when I won Account Manager of The Year for the 1st time.


Prior to that I have held exciting and successful roles within Strategic and Tactical marketing, where I created and launched many successful products and businesses. Prior to that I held roles in Field Service and also spent six years in the U.S. Navy aboard Nuclear Submarines.


Human beings and the meaning and rules of life and success have always fascinated me. I studied Neuro Linguistic Programming, and, Hypnotherapy. I trained for many years with Tony Robbins, and the co-founder of NLP Richard Bandler.  I became the apprentice to the Super Coach Michael Neill and closely work with many of the finest Master Coach's in the world.


I have always been fascinated by the world of psychic development. This prompted me to begin practicing meditation when I was 13 and study and explore religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, and Spiritualism. I was always fascinated by the book of Acts, when the disciples were infused with the spirit and energy of God to heal others. This strong desire led me to become a healer, and many years later an intuitive. Although I don't openly advertise these skills, I use and teach them to my clients.


I live and work with my Soul mate, life partner, Earth Angel and best friend Karin, and am grateful for each and every day that we have together.

When do people hire me 

I find that I tend to work with people and companies who want more from life.


Companies often engage me when they are facing challenges, have a desire to grow or when the owners are looking for an exit strategy. Surprisingly their attitudes change after a number of weeks and they gain a renewed vigor for their business.

We are also hired by shareholders to help secure or improve their investments.


My aim is to help companies to gain insight, feel motivated and take action. Generate new thoughts and ideas, to achieve and be more, to become a guiding force, and a happy and uplifting place to work and be.

As individuals they may be confused, and unhappy, dissatisfied with life and with what they have achieved. I help them to establish a sense of wellbeing, insight and inner guidance. This then leads them to begin to achieve their deepest desires.