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Training and Coaching meeting Your specific needs.



At Wonderful Life we provide unique Leadership Training and Coaching that allows CEO's and Managing Directors's to gain insight and take action on the real issues that are facing their companies.

We are then able to provide tailored Training and Coaching to The Sales and Support organisations. Training is provided for two hours per week, which is then followed by individual Coaching. We also assign a number of fun tasks and additional reading/listening to be completed each week that help teams and individuals to grow. 

We consistently find that when we work with sales they improve their pipelines, sense of well being, sales skills and their business and personal relationships.


The process takes a number of weeks, most people begin seeing change in week one. At some point around week three or four most people come to a major realisation that takes them into an entirely new way of being. That's when it really gets exciting and major progress takes place.