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08 October 2015

Aligning to a life of Miracles, Getting a Big Yes from the Universe in 2015

I believe that we all come to earth for a reason, something that is unique to each individual. I have observed many times that when you begin to find and live your purpose, life seems to suddenly speed up and you enter what’s called “The Flow” where you manifest your dreams with ease.

The question is how can you happily live each and every day In "The Zone" manifesting from the guidance of your inner spirit and the Universe.

This one day Workshop is designed to provide you with understanding and skills that will powerfully serve you for a lifetime. It Includes

• Clear yourself of Old Emotions that are keeping you stuck.
• Manage your inner energy and create mental and emotional clarity.
• Live from, and follow the guidance of your Authentic Self.
• Put aside your inhibitions and get out of your own way.
• Understand and love the challenges that you are facing and know how to deal with them.
• Recognize and begin to participate with true miracles in your life.

Join us for an insight filled action packed evening of truth and discovery.

Hordean PLG 19:30-21:30
10 November 2015

The Next Level Two Hour Seminar

What if Being Happy is actually an essential component of true success? How would that knowledge change the way you approach your life and your business?

In creating our dreams we all get stuck, or face problems from time to time.

But what is causing the problems, or holding us back? Is it our Stars, karma, habits and beliefs?

While we can't change our stars, we can effect our thoughts, habits, beliefs and even our Karma.

In this fun filled workshop, we are going to examine and let go of some of the things that are holding you back.

We will also get in touch with that part of you that inspires you. The place where creativity new ideas, and the drive to succeed originates.

And finally we will also talk about an individual who went from zero to owning a company worth $100,000,000 while still living a spiritually centered life.

My guarantee to you is that you will feel happier, more energetic and peaceful, while learning things that will assist you in your life and business.

Green Park Tavern
44-45 Lower Bristol Road
01225 429 509
15 November 2015
16 January 2016
The Next Level Full Day Seminar and Workshop
Broadstone Library
10 Story Lane
BH18 8EQ
Wapley Stables
Wapley Hill

BS37 8RJ

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