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Cygnia are based in the UK and provide IT security and services. The company is doing well, it’s been in business for over five years, and the staff are an experienced and committed group of people. In 2012 the company had already grown by 56%, but was beginning to experience growing pains.

The bulk of its sales were being produced by a minority of its sales force.

Some staff could be better utilised in other positions, but the transitions looked problematic,
       requiring staff 
to let go of old habits and beliefs and grow quickly into new roles.

The company had further plans for growth and expansion but was uncertain and concerned
       about the effect on current staff and sales numbers.

We began in December 2012 with Leadership Training and Coaching for the Executive team. This comprised approximately two hours per week for five weeks. We then moved on to training and coaching Field and Telesales teams. This again involved two hours per week of training and 30 min to an hour of one to one coaching.
In addition we had all sales staff listen to a series of audio books designed to help them to:

Understand and Implement the fundamentals of inside out success.

Improve team building and communication

Put others interests first in order to build extended networks

Improve the effectiveness of customer interactions

Build personal wealth

At first the changes were gradual, but as staff began to have insights into their thinking, beliefs, behaviours, change began to escalate. The commission plan was modified to ensure that all sales staff were properly financially motivated. Teams were restructured, internal communication was improved. Staff began to focus on larger New Name Business, and to look for ways to add more value. Changes that senior management had wanted for months were agreed and implemented within days. Key personnel began to quickly grow and mature into the people necessary to run the larger company.But most importantly the changes were fairly painless, and the level of well being and happiness as they described it “Office Buzz” was making it a fun place to work.

As we continued to focus on wellbeing, communication, and the metrics of sales, pipelines began to solidify and increase. At our final meeting we involved the support organisation and newly hired sales personnel. We discussed the fundamentals of wellbeing and creativity.

We then met to review the final numbers.

Turnover up 66.06% over the same period last year

GM Up 40.15%          

Committed Pipeline Up 43.79%

But most importantly happiness and well being have reached an appreciable high.

The note from the Director of Finance simply said that they had a Storming First Quarter.